Napoleon: Total War DLC – Coalition Battle Pack


A new downloadable content pack has been released for Napoleon: Total War, featuring six new units and a new historical battle scenario. It is priced at $3.25 USD and is available on the Steam store.

The units are as follows:

  • Lifeguard Hussars: Elite light cavalry; possibly a Russian or Prussian unit.
  • Coldstream Guards: An elite British infantry unit. Founded in 1650, this unit took part in the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Archduke Charles’ Legion: An elite royal regiment of line infantry. It is available for the Austrian faction.
  • Lützow‘s Freikorps: A Prussian light cavalry unit consisting of varied German volunteer soldiers. It has exceptionally high melee strength.
  • Life Hussars: A powerful light cavalry unit; possibly Prussian.
  • Semenovski Lifeguard: An elite Russian infantry unit with high moral. It is effective against skirmishing units and artillery.

Each of these units is available in the campaign mode or during online play.

The historical battle features The Battle of Friedland in 1807 between France and Russia.  The player plays as the French under Napoleon and must win the battle in order to defeat the Fourth Coalition.

More information, along with images, is available at the Steam store.


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