More Vanquish scans, impressions


SEGAbits has posted new scans on PlatinumGames’ Vanquish for the HD consoles. One of which reveals the face of the character players will take control of in game.

After the break are translated impressions.

*They played the demo.
*You cant use the Bullet time while you’re covering.
*The real difference from other shoothers(apart from the suit), is the speed.
*You cant use the bullet time at any moment, only during a boost.
*Slide and bullet time are limited and need to be recharged after using them.
*Only While you’re on the air and pointing, the time becomes slow(similar to the slow motion in VJ).
*They were impressed by that^^
*After a few enemies, they used a turret to fight against the boss of the level.
*That boss was a giant robot with 4 legs.
*With a long campaign, they wont miss the online.
*so far, looks fantastic
*they called Platinum Games one of the most important japanese developers.
*They didnt like Infinite space
*They called Madworld one of the most important wii games
*They called Bayonetta the second best hack n slash(Behind GOWIII).
*They said that the intention of PG with that level, is keep the player moving all the time.

More details on Vanquish are expected to be revealed at E3 this year.

[Thanks: Pao]


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