The SEGA Source Returns


You are probably wondering why this site has not had any updates for a month. Well, no specific reason I can give outside of “Life” and general laziness. I am sure you have all been there.

From here one out we hope to bring you at least one news post or article daily, but as to how we will do it… Well, stay tuned to find out.

What we want to do is focus less on SEGA news (though we will still post much of it), and more on their general history – Something that the staff here feels is sorely unappreciated and unknown by even the most avid of gamers. Again, stay tuned to find out what we will do with this.

For now all I have to say is that we will have new staff and article types coming up this week, and as always we will avoid bringing up jokes and lame references like many other sites do nowadays.

Tell us anything you would like us to change or improve in the comments section of email us at


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