Play ChuChu Rocket! on the NES


Programmer Dwedit from the NesDev forums, a community about the NES’ hardware and software, has been developing a version of ChuChu Rocket! for the 8-bit Nintendo system. The first version, named “Alpha 1” by its author, does not yet feature any music or sound. However, it shows an incredible amount of work put into it. The original “Puzzle Mode” from the Dreamcast version is already implemented as are portions of the “Stage Challenge”. A multiplayer mode seems to be planned for a future version.

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Main Menu

Puzzle Mode Stage Selection Screen


In the source link you will find Dwedit’s original forum post, containing several instructions and release notes as well as a link to the ROM file. It is perfectly playable on the majority of NES emulators. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to test it on a real NES system.



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