9/9/10: Today is The SEGA Dreamcast’s 11th American Anniversary


11 years ago today the SEGA Dreamcast was released in the United States. SEGA had marketed the date 9/9/99 so well, that every year fans join together to reminisce on SEGA’s last home videogame console. This year is no different, as many SEGA sites from all around join together to bring the news to all that will listen. Dreamcast Emulation have exclusive interviews with two developers who are still actively making commercial software for the console. SEGAbits have a write-up on how the Dreamcast changed videogames forever. The GOAT Store, an Indie publisher that releases many Dreamcast titles returned today along with a special offer to get all of their games as a bundle for $50, and The Dreamcast Junkyard has live streams going on now from the US and UK for Dreamcast games all day! SEGA themselves are joining in on the party with the release of Sonic Adventure coming to the Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360 next week, the first of their long list of planned Dreamcast releases for downloadable services.

Now go play Shenmue or something!

[Special Thanks – Cube_b3]


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