New information regarding Shenmue City and a message from Yu Suzuki


As expected, the new social game will not be a follow up to Shenmue II but rather a parallel story taking place alongside the events of the Shenmue games. It will be free to play, however players must pay for items if they wish to own them. The game is being developed by a company formed by Yu Suzuki, producer of Shenmue, named Ys Net under SEGA’s supervision and will be released on Yahoo! by Sunsoft. The official site for Shenmue City is located here.

UPDATE: Yu Suzuki’s Ys Net site has a message to his fans here. Hit the jump to read the translation.

“The things I like,

Cars, motorcycles, clocks, wine, paintings, billiards…

For some reason, video games aren’t there.

It’s not that I don’t like games, but I enjoy reality more, so I end up not having time to play games.

However, I like making things

I most enjoy when I’m making something, as there are always discoveries

I’d like to deliver to game players an enjoyment that is beyond the framework of games, along with new play elements.

Making [games] is fun, but the feeling of seeing the the happiness of people who play the game that we made is even more wonderful.

This is why I cannot stop making games.” – Yu Suzuki

Yu Suzuki

Source: Andriasang via Edge, Translation of message AndriaSang, thanks SEGAbits


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