Classic SEGA Music: Outride a Crisis


Super Hang-On is the 1987 arcade driving game sequel to the original Hang-On. It was developed by SEGA AM2 and directed by Yu Suzuki. Super Hang-On improves on the original by utilizing more scrolling layers than have ever been done in any videogame before it to emulate the experience of driving over numerous highly detailed terrains that take the player all over the world at almost 200 MPH.

Hit the jump to continue reading and to listen to different versions of the song, including fan remixes.

Where it is heard:

As with the original Hang-On, the sequel features a special arcade cabinet that allows the player to sit on a plastic motorcycle that the player must tilt and rev up just as they would the real deal, adding a much higher immersion value than even games release today are capable of. When a player first starts up Super Hang-On they are given a choice as to what part of the world they would like to race in. Regardless of difficulty and amount of levels, the player is always able to then choose which song he or she would like to listen to throughout the race, with Outride a Crisis being the first choice.

Outride a Crisis has a very fitting title in that it works perfectly with the incredibly fast nature of Super Hang-On. Even the smallest mishap can have you twirling into a sign, losing you precious time. However, the song helps motivate the player into knowing they can succeed and pushes you towards your goal to becoming the greatest motorcyclist in the world.

Other versions: classicsegamusic

Genesis/Mega Drive:

As the hardware of the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive could not compete with the stronger arcade hardware, some details of this release of Super Hang-On are not as high quality as the original version – Worsened furthermore by it being one of the first games made on the platform. However, this outing is unique in that it one of the first racing games to feature an exclusive career mode and was later included in multiple compilations, making this one of the easiest games on the console to find.

Anniversary Remix Soundtrack version:

This remix retains the original pacing and adrenaline of the game, but features some new instruments to the mix, as well as having mild references to Shenmue.

The Very Best of SEGA CD remix:

This light-jazz remix holds a much slower pacing to it’s original, but retains the passion and motivational style.

Fan covers:

Made by the OC Remix member Sixtosounds

Made by the YouTube member depravedmalice

Super Hang-On would go on to lay the foundation for future racing titles, including many of SEGA’s own , but is possibly best known for it’s outstanding soundtrack. Recent releases in compilation games and cameos in the Sonic Riders titles ensure that Super Hang-On and it’s soundtrack will be continued to be loved by future generations all over the world, it will certainly Hang-Onto our hearts.


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