Classic SEGA Music: Hey Hey Why Why – Opa-Opa!


Fantasy Zone is an 1985 arcade shooting game developed by SEGA. It was designed in a unique nonsensical manner, making a very childish and happy setting but keeping a very high difficulty along the way. It’s unique shop system concepts were considered revolutionary for the time and it was one of the first side scrolling games that allowed the player to choose which section of the level they wanted to attack first. In a sense, with these and more it can be considered one of, if not the first action RPG. However, the music of the franchise which is largely composed by SEGA’s own Hiro who sometimes is also known as “H.” is considered to be the highest point by many fans, especially the song “Hey Hey Why Why” that is featured in most of releases, which is sometimes also known as Opa-Opa, which also happens to be the name of the series’ protagonist.

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Where it is heard: classicsegamusic

Other versions

The song is heard in the first section of the game, Plaleaf. In the Master System version of the game it is also used in the title screen.

Vocal version:

This rare variation of the song features Japanese vocals by an unknown woman. It was created to celebrate the 1996 release of Fantasy Zone as part of the SEGA AGES collection for the SEGA Saturn and included on the Segacon: The Best Of SEGA Game Music Volume 2.

SST Band version:

Composed in the late 80s by SEGA’s S.S.T. Band (SEGA Sound Team) for use in CDs, records and play at various events, such as fundraisers and concerts. This version uses authentic musical instruments and some synthesizing tools to emulate the sound of arcade game technology.

Genesis/Mega Drive version:

While most likely not as well known as the SEGA Master System variation, the Super Fantasy Zone version of the song pushes the technology unusually hard for a 1992 Genesis/Mega Drive release. The game however was one of the first to not reach North American retail.

Fan remix:

Uploaded by YouTube user Famiko3

Opa-Opa would become SEGA’s mascot until 1991 with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog, and not long after would quickly fall into obscurity and only remain to be seen in very rare releases and cameo slots in everything from Shenmue to Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. 1992 Super Fantasy Zone is technically the last game in the series plot, and most releases that would come after would only be ports or in some few rare cases, fairly simple remakes. It is unknown if SEGA will ever establish the Fantasy Zone series as it’s own brand again, but for now the overwhelming amount of cameos and incredibly easy availability of most of the series will keep the crazy world on our minds for years to come.


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