Puyo Puyo Arcade will be the first Virtual Console release with online play


Puyo Puyo, the 1992 arcade release has been announced for release on the Japanese Virtual Console platform for the Wii console. What is unique is that this version of the title will support online interactions with other players, making it the first game to do so since the Wii’s launch in 2006.

Nintendo had originally stated that none of the Wii Virtual Console releases would have any features added, which had been the standard outside of Pokemon Snap, which allowed the player to send their pictures to the Picture Channel available on Wii. No game since has had any other modifications outside of minimalistic sprite changes in some titles, such as Devil’s Crush for it’s use of a demonic image, and Revenge of Shinobi for it’s inclusion of Spider-Man as an enemy.

The Puyo Puyo (sometimes known as Puyo Pop in English speaking regions) franchise is having it’s 20th anniversary this year, along with Sonic the Hedgehog‘s. It is likely there will be more special releases announced soon. No release outside of Japan has been announced as of yet.

[Source: Andriasang]


One Response to “Puyo Puyo Arcade will be the first Virtual Console release with online play”

  1. gustavo Says:

    es un espectacular game!!!!!!!!!!!! espero alguien lo entienda. Gustavo

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