Classic SEGA Music: Growing Wings


One of the highlights of the system, NiGHTS into dreams… was released for the Saturn in 1996. It was produced by none other than Sonic Team, at the time known for creating the highly regarded Sonic the Hedgehog. NiGHTS featured a dynamic soundtrack, which would change according to the mood of the artificial intelligence creatures – “Pians” – within the game. Due to the nature of the soundtrack, much of it features electronic sounds, resulting in a extremely well executed blend of synthesised instruments. The track featured today, however, exempts this rule.

Where it is heard:

The song can be found in the final level of the game. As this section does not feature the Pians, the music will never change as it does in the rest of the game. It is also the same independently of the character used. It’s a cheerful theme, representing the centrepiece of the game: courage. It leads to a final confrontation that then sets a completely different mood visually as well as musically. While a number of musicians composed the soundtrack, Tomoko Sasaki is credited for the creation of Growing Wings.

Other versions: classicsegamusic

NiGHTS Journey of Dreams (Wii)

The song was re-recorded for use in the second instalment of the series.  The song is very much the same, and is used in the final level of the game, Bellbridge (as opposed to the the first game’s Twin Seeds).

NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming – OverClocked ReMix Project

This fantastic cover, created by Level 99 from OverClocked Remix, isn’t as based in electronic sounds as the original. It features a guitar line which blends perfectly in the melody created by Sasaki-san. This piece is part of the NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming project, which aims to create a tribute album for NiGHTS into dreams. It will be released in time for NiGHTS’ 15th anniversary, on 5th July 2011, and from this first excerpt nothing less than excellent can be expected.

Growing Wings is a fine example of SEGA music. Not only it is part of two fantastic soundtracks, it also accomplishes what many soundtracks lack – the ability to submerge the player in the game world. Even if she has left SEGA ever since, Sasaki-san’s work will always be remembered by those fortunate enough to have experienced NiGHTS into dreams… in their childhoods.


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