Classic SEGA Music: The Tides of Time


Ecco: The Tides of Time is the 1994 Genesis/Mega Drive sequel to Ecco the Dolphin, both of which were developed by Novotrade International (now known as Appaloosa Interactive) and headed by the unexampled Ed Ettore Annunziata. Best known for their uniquely dark style of gameplay, sci-fi storytelling and incredible difficulty level, the first two Ecco the Dolphin games have gone on to become two of SEGA’s most recognizable games of all time.

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Where it is heard:

The Tides of Time plays as an introduction to the Genesis/Mega Drive release of Ecco: The Tides of Time and with it comes the realization of how Ecco’s previous mission of defeating the Vortex Queen had failed, and that she is now part of Earth and it’s future itself. Ecco travels into the unknown once again to hopefully fix the stream of time and to vanquish the Vortex Queen for good.

The title is fitting in that the setting can be deemed apocalyptic, but time continues on like the never ending tides.

Fan versions: classicsegamusic

Medley uploaded by YouTube users vintagenesis

Uploaded by YouTube user FlashBaron

Uploaded by YouTube user LiveAus

Uploaded by YouTube user titanicpiano14

Uploaded by YouTube user GMCMusic2008

The SEGA CD and PC releases have some of the most revered game soundtracks of all time, but the Genesis/Mega Drive songs are loved just the same by thousands of people all over the world. Fans of the series may never get to see what becomes of the cliffhanger ending in Ecco: The Tides of Time, but that can only make the passion for the series grow and the power behind this song stronger.


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