Sonic Generations – First Details Released


Announced this week was Sonic Generations, coming this holiday season to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This new title in the Sonic franchise, released to commemorate Sonic’s 20th birthday, will feature a combination of modern and classic Sonic gameplay. With this, the producers aim to reach both old and new school Sonic fans by creating a game that showcases both momentum and speed based mechanics.

The story will revolve around the concept of “time holes”, explaining how the “two Sonics” will visit zones spanning a 20 year career. Each zone will feature two versions, one for classic Sonic and other for modern Sonic. It is known that the writers of Sonic Colours will also be in charge of Sonic Generations. Confirmed to be in the game are Green Hill Zone, from the original Mega Drive classic, and City Escape, from Sonic Adventure 2. Also confirmed are distinct abilities for each Sonic: the spin dash for classic Sonic and homing attack and speed boost for modern Sonic.

Watch the first teaser trailer and a three minute gameplay clip, featuring Green Hill Zone, classic and modern, after the jump.


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