Classic SEGA Music: Warrior of the Reviving Light


Shining Force II is the classic 1993/1994 strategy role playing game by ‘Sonic! Software Planning’ (now known as Camelot Software Planning) for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. Composed by renowned video game musician Motoaki Takenouchi, the soundtrack with much of the Shining series has been renowned for it’s encouraging and lighthearted take on a sinister, war-torn fantasy world. Shining Force II is no different, with the main overworld theme being considered one of the best in the franchise. Not just a memorable tune, but an impressive use of the Genesis/Mega Drive’s sound system with brilliant use of authentic horn and drum sounds all brought together in a wonderful sweeping adventurous style.

Continue after the break to listen to different variations including the rarely heard Game Gear version and an official orchestral release.

Where it is heard:

Once Bowie, his friends Sarah, Chester and Jaha head off to find the historian Hawel to aid their teacher Sir Astral’s new mysterious illness they set off to the town of Yeel. Of course in traditional video game role playing style, they are met with rats and various kinds of ooze monsters that attack you. During this battle and many more to come, Warrior of the Reviving Light plays. Later in the adventure, it becomes established as the general overworld theme for almost every time the player is outside and not in battle.

Other versions:classicsegamusic

Orchestral Version

The introductory song in the Shining Force II: Symphonic Suite arranged music CD, this version of the song brings a whole new life to the already great song. Professionally done in every meaning of the word, this song is begging to be re-released.

Game Gear Version

As with much of the soundtrack of the Japanese only release of the Game Gear exclusive Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict, many of the most loved songs are reused from Shining Force II. This release connects the story from the first Shining Force to later games and establishes plot elements that would come to be used in future Shining titles. With no English release available, fans have translated the game themselves for everyone to enjoy.

Fan Remix

Uploaded by YouTube user mroctopus88888888

Closing Thoughts:

Like Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo, ToeJam & Earl and a few others, the Shining series also celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year. Although many years have passed since there has been a Camelot Software Planning developed Shining game, fans of the original series still hold out hope for them to reunite with SEGA to bring back the franchise to it’s former glory. With re-releases of all of the Genesis/Mega Drive games becoming more and more common, old and new fans alike are now able to appreciate the titles on almost every video game format available. With fans becoming more and more vocal and the newer style games becoming less and less well received, it may not be much longer until the series shines strong once again.


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