Classic SEGA Music: Into The Blue Sky


Cyber Troopers: Virtual-On is the 1995 classic SEGA arcade and Saturn game that became notable for it’s ‘Japanese mech’ art style, complex-yet-exhilarating gameplay design, unique control setup, detailed characters and plot. It is also one of the first full 3D home console fighting games to support online play.

Today we will focus on “Into The Blue Sky”, the song featured on the first level of the original title. It is also considered the main theme of the Virtualoid Temjin.

Hit the jump to listen to a handful of the remixes available, including some by fans.

Where it is heard:

The first level of Virtual-On takes place on the Flooded City located near where the character you select first launches from. Regardless of the player’s choice, they always fight the Temjin – the original Virtualoid. Later releases in the series normally would opt instead to have original songs for each character, but many remixes for “Into The Blue Sky” were made for special soundtracks and the many crossovers in the Super Robot Wars series.

Although a different song entirely, the Temjin’s rival Virtualoid Raiden has a track titled “Into The Crimson” and is the second-to-last fight in the game Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram.

Other versions:classicsegamusic

– SEGAROCKS version

Remixed by the same people who made rock and roll styled remixes of games like SEGA Rally Championship, Burning Rangers and numerous Phantasy Star games. This version is also much longer than the original song and is argued by some as the best version of the tune yet.

– Nintendo DS version

Part of the mech crossover megaseries with robots from all types of Japanese media, Super Robot Wars K is one of the more recent titles to feature the Temjin character and his level music from Virtual-On. A 2009 release for the Nintendo DS, this features a slightly darker tone than the original song. Other versions exist in the series, though not as unique as this one.

– Cyber Net Rhapsody remix

Created for an audio drama CD, this variation of “Into The Blue Sky” is a very solid re-imagining for better focusing on character development and heroic battles. Unusually high quality, it is a shame this was never used for a potential animated series or movie.

– SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive style fan remix

Uploaded by YouTube user Pikachu4352.

– Miku Hatsune fan remix

Uploaded by YouTube user SANDGUST.

– Violin fan remix

Uploaded by YouTube user raveyt.

Closing Thoughts

Virtual-On is not one of the best known SEGA franchises, but throughout the years it has developed an incredibly dedicated niche following. Although not usually sponsored similarly as other well known fighting game franchises, with recent figures and releases in the series being some of the most sought after import titles on platforms like the Xbox 360, fans might not have to wait much longer before more take notice. ‘Get Ready!’

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