Total War: Shogun 2 Expansion Pack ‘Rise of the Samurai’ Announced


SEGA has announced an expansion set to this year’s Total War title: Shogun 2, a sequel to the first game in the Total War series. The campaign will be digitally distributed and it will cover the events of the first Shogunate’s creation, taking place 400 years prior to Shogun 2’s campaign.

New features include:
• A full single player campaign, in addition to a full online-multiplayer version,
• Six new factions,
• 26 new units (16 land, 10 sea),
• 4 new heroes (including Tetsubo Warrior Monk and Onna Bushi Heroine),
• and 4 new agents with new skill trees (including Shirabyoshi and Junsatsushi Inspectors).

The expansion will be released this September for 10 USD. It can be pre-ordered through Steam.


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