Rise of the Samurai Trailer Reveals New Details


A new trailer for Shogun 2: Total War’s downloadable expansion, Rise of the Samurai, reveals a multitude of new details about upcoming content.

New content includes:

  • A campaign set in 1175 Japan, focusing on The Gempei War
  • Six new clans from three families, including the Minamoto and the Taira
  • Both single player and multiplayer campaigning, in addition to normal versus modes
  • Four new agents, including a female seducer, and a male persuader
  • 13 new battle units, including new Tetsubo Warrior Monks, Mounted Samurai Archers, and Mounted Naginata

Rise of the Samurai is being developed by The Creative Assembly and will be available in September for download. Owning Shogun 2: Total War will be required to play it.


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