Guardian Heroes 2 under consideration


In an interview with Eurogamer, Treasure Co’s Hiroto Matsuura discussed that they plan to make a sequel to the original Guardian Heroes if their upcoming conversion of the original on the Xbox Live Arcade is a success. Originally, Treasure Co wanted to make the game right away, but SEGA felt it would be better to re-release Guardian Heroes 1 to reintroduce the IP before a large amount of money was spent on a sequel. Considering how poor the Game Boy Advance Advance Guardian Heroes was reviewed and sold, it may have been a very smart move.

Also mentioned in the interview is that the potential Guardian Heroes 2 will be largely a similarly designed title.

Guardian Heroes on Xbox Live Arcade will be released October 12th for 800 Microsoft Points. Treasure Co also released the Saturn classic Radiant Silvergun on the same service this past Wednesday for 1200 Microsoft Points.

[Source: Eurogamer]


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