‘Blind Spot’ group forms in tribute of S.S.T. Band


Saito Masato, one of the original members of the S.S.T. Band (short for SEGA Sound Team Band) has formed a new band under the name Blind Spot. This new group will have similar concerts compared to the S.S.T. Band and play various songs from SEGA’s arcade games from the 1980s and 1990s. The new band members will bring some new musical instruments, such as a saxophone. It is not known at this time if they will release an album or have a similar recording history to the S.S.T. Band.

Videos of them practicing are available here, and after the break is a list of SEGA songs they plan to play in concerts.

Theme [Space Harrier]
Soup Up [Rad Mobile]
Like the Wind [Power Drift]
Blue Moon [SDI]
Outride A Crisis [Super Hang-On]
Beyond The Galaxy [Galaxy Forge]
Thunder Blade ~ Burning Point [Thunder Blade]
After Burner [After Burner]
Magical Sound Shower [Outrun]

[Source: Saito Masato Blog via SEGAbits]

[Thanks: Spencer]


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