Yakuza: Dead Souls revealed through trademark


A new trademark of the Yakuza series has appeared within the European trademark office titled Yakuza: Dead Souls. Listed as video game software, it is likely the English title for Ryu ga Gotoku: OF THE END, especially considering they both share the same font.

This will be the first spinoff in the franchise to leave Japanese territories. Previously there were also the Ryu ga Gotoku: KENZAN!, Ryu ga Gotoku FOR GREE and Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku spinoff games, with a direct sequel to the later only just recently being revealed.

Although the main series of games are role playing games set in the Japanese underworld, Ryu ga Gotoku: OF THE END was unique in that it focused on a zombie outbreak and featured a major focus on the use of firearms. Only just last week was the title discussed that if it were to leave Japan, the controls would be changed to be styled around typical third person shooters.

Hit the jump to view the introductory sequence to Ryu ga Gotoku: OF THE END to get a better feeling of what the title is about.

[Source: SEGAbits Forums]


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