Second Sonic Generations demo announced, detailed, available tomorrow for most


A new demo for Sonic Generations, the next major title in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was announced and will be released tomorrow (October 18th) on the Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 in all regions and only in Europe on the PlayStation Network. The North American demo for the PlayStation 3 will be released the following Tuesday (October 25th).

The download will focus on the Green Hill Zone level and will feature 3DTV video options like the previous demo which was released on June 23rd; The 20th anniversary of the first title in the series. Unlike the original download however, this will not have a time limit that makes the demo unplayable after a certain amount of days have passed and will let the players choose to play as the Classic or Modern styles of gameplay and levels.

It is unknown if there will be a demo for the recently revealed PC version released at this time.

The full retail release of Sonic Generations will be available November 1st in North America and November 4th in PAL televisions regions.

[Source: SEGA Blog]


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