Peter Moore: “I didn’t kill the Dreamcast”


Peter Moore has become one of the most disliked SEGA of America Presidents in their history as of recent. Among some cancellations of titles like a new Streets of Rage game for the Dreamcast console, he has also been blamed for ‘making the call’ in 2001 to discontinue the same ill-fated platform that would become SEGA’s final video game console.

The later however, is not fully true, and Peter Moore has gone on record with IndustryGamers to clarify that it was not just him, but a group of “maybe a half a dozen people in the corporation around the world” had to decide the fate of the Dreamcast and form SEGA as a third-party developer working to make games on other game platforms instead. He went on to say that the decision had such a large impact on him that it will stay with him for the rest of his life.

For more on Peter Moore’s history with the game industry, which covered both Microsoft and Electronic Arts after his leave from SEGA, continue on to IndustryGamers‘ interview.

[Source: IndustryGamers]


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