Renegade Ops add-on content detailed, coming this week [UPDATE]


The first downloadable content for SEGA and Avalanche Studios digitally released Renegade Ops has been revealed. These are set to be released this week on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. No date is specified for the Steamworks release, however.

The first of these, titled “Vehicles Reinforcement Pack” sees the addition of two new playable characters with original skill development and special ice and fire abilities. They will be usable in all available missions. It will cost $2.99/£1.99/€2.49/AUD 3.45 on PlayStation Network and 240 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

The second pack titled “The Coldstike Campaign” is three all-new missions with a new plot and new villain completely in artic-themed settings. Assuming these are similar length to the main game’s missions, they could last for upwards of two hours together for one playthrough. This content will be priced at $4.99/£3.59/€4.49/AUD$6.25 for PlayStation Network, and 400MSP for Xbox Live.

Additionally, Renegade Ops is on sale on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network until the end of 2011. Steam is having multiple events as well, so it is likely it will go on sale there soon too.

UPDATE: The downloadable content is free and available now to all who purchased the PC version of the game on Steam.

[Source: SEGA Blog]


One Response to “Renegade Ops add-on content detailed, coming this week [UPDATE]”

  1. OldSchoolPaperTrail Says:

    With the price drop in the individual packs, the bundle is now a dollar more expensive than buying them separately. Something should be done about that.

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