First 4 Figures Tails statue available for pre-order


[Click the image for a larger view]

First 4 Figures continues their line of Sonic the Hedgehog character statues and figures with two variations of a 3kg, 12 inches Miles “Tails” Prower release. Set in Mushroom Hill Zone from the 1994 Sonic & Knuckles and designed after his appearance from 1992-1997, the model is shaped around his iconic running animation where he uses his two tails like propeller blades to propel himself forward.

Like many previous characters, the more expensive model can be illuminated in some sections – In this statue’s case, it is the mushrooms. Priced at 180 or 200 USD, this high quality statue will only see a release of 1,500 and 500 shipments for the standard and ‘Exclusive’ models respectfully, so it is recommended that everyone interested pre-order before it’s estimated release of the third quarter of this year. It can be shipped to anywhere in the world excluding Japan.

[Source: First 4 Figures Website]


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