Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit announced for digital download platforms


SEGA have revealed their newest digital release for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 online store download platforms with a PC release suggesting a version for Steam. Hell Yeah is a single player over-the-top action game with stylized cartoon depictions of gore and dark humor. Players take control of a rabbit prince of Hell who decides to kill everyone there once his rival posts scandelous images of him on the ‘Hellternet’.

Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is developed by Arkedo Studio, an indie game developer best known for their Arkedo series on the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace. It is set to be released later this year, but no month has been specified. Previously discussed under the title “Project Hell Yeah”, this is the developer’s biggest game to date and another one of SEGA’s growing list of unique downloadable games.

After the jump is the reveal trailer with hints as to how the game will play.

[Source: SEGA Blog and Hell Yeah Blog]


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