Free Japanese Binary Domain DLC of Yakuza characters works in all regions on Xbox 360


Free multiplayer downloadable content for Binary Domain was released on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Marketplace in Japan today. This content is accessible to all accounts on the system and works with all versions of the game, regardless of the player’s region.

This download will allow players to use three of the Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku in Japan) characters in the multiplayer modes from the normally PlayStation-centric series. It includes Goro Majima as the ‘Crusher’ class with a shotgun, Shun Akiyama as the ‘Gunner’ with a submachine gun, and Ryuji Goda is the ‘Defender’ with a heavy machinegun. Kazuma Kiryu is notably absent as he was a pre-order extra in Japan.

To download the data, players will need a Japanese Xbox Live Gamertag. There are many guides available online with how those from different regions can create an account. The single file is a surprisingly small 22mb and works in the game as soon as the download finishes. Here is a link to the download to queque the content onto your account.

Currently we are unaware if the PlayStation 3 version will allow players to access this without a Japanese copy of the game, but we will update when we find out. SEGA West has not commented on if anyone outside of Japan will be able to obtain this content, but we have contacted them on the subject.

UPDATE: The downloadable content does not work in all regions for the PlayStation 3 version. Thanks to George from SEGAbits for checking on it.

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