Sir Ginger Fully Playable in Clockwork Knight 2



Recent research by the leading third-party authority on the Clockwork Knight franchise has revealed a rare fact to the SEGA fandom. The toy knight known only as Sir Ginger is playable in the Japan-only compilation Clockwork Knight Fukubukuro. This SEGA Saturn game’s additional content makes it worthy of any importer’s collection and it should be sought after for a complete Clockwork Knight experience.

Below are instructions on how to activate Sir Ginger, as well as a gameplay demonstration of Sir Ginger’s abilities.

‘Only works in Clockwork Knight Fukubukuro (Japan-only compilation). Code is up up down down left right left right L R L R on the mode select screen, then start a game on Part 2. Credit goes to Yakumo of Assembler for digging it up (apparently?) and Tongara for immediately telling me about it. From what I gather, it was only published once in some magazine. This is pretty […] big!’



3 Responses to “Sir Ginger Fully Playable in Clockwork Knight 2”

  1. Tongara (Peter O'Hanlon) Says:

    Hi, I’m the person that he called “Peter” in the Sonic Retro post. Please be sure to visit my site! !

  2. Tongara (Peter O'Hanlon) Says:

    Also, could you change the name “Peter” in the quote you posted to “Tongara”, please? I’ve asked Ritz to do the same… thanks!

  3. Tongara (Peter O'Hanlon) Says:

    And one more thing, we’ve been told that this also works in the US version of Clockwork Knight 2!

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