Indie fighting game Girl Fight being considered for Dreamcast release


Although the SEGA Dreamcast was discontinued nearly a decade ago, several new games have still been released by passionate fans. The newest example is how a Dreamcast version of Girl Fight, an upcoming downloadable fighting game for Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 is being considered by the developer, Kung Fu Factory. Currently it is undecided, but the designers remain passionate on the possibility and are asking several fans in the SEGA, Dreamcast and fighting game communities for direction and advice.

The 3D fighting game is designed for heavy customization by players and casual play, but is described as still having deep mechanics. The game is inspired by several mid-to-late 1990s Japanese fighting games and the entire playable cast is made up of female characters, as the title implies. The downloadable version is set to be released before Summer, but it is unknown how long the potential Dreamcast version will take to arrive. Also unknown is if any major features will be altered, such as graphical fidelity, online play or the extra downloadable content being considered for the original game.

Those interested can sign the petition, follow the developer on social networking websites or just spread the word. Footage of Girl Fight is available after the jump.


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