Total War Battles: SHOGUN now available on iOS


The latest entry in SEGA’s highly touted real-time strategy series, Total War Battles: SHOGUN, is now available on the Apple Store for all touch-compatible iOS devices.

Developed by the Creative Assembly, well known for their work on the award-winning Total War series, Total War Battles: SHOGUN brings several new and interesting features to the series’ first portable outing, with a new control scheme specifically designed for touchscreen devices, a brand new campaign, and local multiplayer with up to two players. Gameplay in Total War Battles: SHOGUN should be familiar to series veterans, with much of the deep and intricate strategy of its predecessors remaining intact, though special attention has been made to make the game more accessible to newcomers, with a comprehensive tutorial, scalable difficulty setting, and a hint system to help new players along. The Creative Assembly has said that development of the title is ongoing, and players should expect new content and features for the game in the near future. An Android version is also in development and should be expected soon, according to the game’s official website.

You can watch the game’s launch trailer right after the break.

Source: Apple Store


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