Total War: Rome II announced


SEGA have announced Total War: Rome II, their next title in the incredibly popular Total War franchise by The Creative Assembly. Taking place during the Third Punic War (149 BC – 146 BC), players take control of humanity’s first superpower and create a strong republic or become Rome’s sole dictator, all whilst the possibility of greed and corruption can skew what occurs in the war. Several new features include the ability to combine land and naval battles into one and also an option to view individual warrior perspectives.

The game will not be the largest scale game in the series, but it will be using the biggest budget that the franchise has ever seen in a singular title. Although it will be the best game in the series graphically, scaling options will be more detailed than ever before, so that even laptops will be able to handle the title. Total War: Rome II will be available at retail and digital download exclusively to PC sometime in 2013.

[Source: Official Total War Site]


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