Total War Battles: SHOGUN now available on Steam


Total War Battles: SHOGUN, Creative Assembly’s real-time strategy that was released for mobile earlier this year, is now available on Steam for PC and Mac. This new release retains the deep and intricate strategy the series is known for while also bringing all of the mechanics and features unique to the mobile version to the PC for the very first time, including the game’s new grid-based control method, skirmish mode, scalable difficulty setting, and its extensive learning tools and tutorial to assist players new to the series or to the world of real-time strategy. This new version boasts improved visuals and performance and also includes additional graphical options including anti-aliasing and increased resolution size. Several exclusive features are also included, such as achievements and an online leaderboard.

It’s worth noting, however, that there is a light difference in price, with this version costing $7.99 compared to the $4.99 price of the iOS and Android versions. Also, purchasing the game on Steam will unlock the Sendai Faction Pack for owners of Total War: Shogun 2 — Fall of the Samurai.

Source: Steam

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