Phantasy Star Generation 1 fully translated into English by fan


Development has concluded for a English language translation project of Phantasy Star Generation 1 on PlayStation 2. A dedicated fan under the screen name of Kyence has detailed the process through the Phantasy Star Cave forums. The site itself has gone on to featured the download and informs potential players how to properly run the game, but encourages those interested to purchase the official version. Furthermore, Kyence has expressed interest in translating the sequel Phantasy Star Generation 2, although it was noted that the process would be much more challenging.

Only available in Japan, Phantasy Star Generation 1 is a remake of the first game in the iconic Phantasy Star franchise, which originally was available on the SEGA Master System in 1987. This remake was the first release in the SEGA AGES 2500 budget line of games for the PlayStation 2. The initial few of which were considered of poor quality and have received mixed reactions by the fans of the original titles. SEGA commented on their intentions on releasing Phantasy Star Generation 1, the remake of Phantasy Star II titled Phantasy Star Generation 2 and potential remakes of later games in the series for English language regions, but the project was canceled before significant progress commenced and the remakes of Phantasy Star III and IV were sadly never developed.

Included after the break is footage Kyence made during development of the translation.

[Source: Phantasy Star Cave]


One Response to “Phantasy Star Generation 1 fully translated into English by fan”

  1. TheSegaDude Says:

    Wow! This is awesome news! Thank you for sharing it.
    I ran over to the Phantasy Star Cave as soon as I read your post.
    I’m going to blog this news myself and I’ll be sure to point people your way.
    Very exciting! Thank you 🙂

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