Valkyria Chronicles 3 artbook getting English language release


Although Valkyria Chronicles 3 on the PlayStation Portable handheld is not receiving a release outside of Japan, UDON’s book based on the artwork of the game will. Titled Valkyria Chronicles 3: Complete Artworks, it will feature 256 pages of art of the game, including character, vehicle and weapon designs, along with promotional art and more. Beyond that, the game’s full story will be detailed, creator commentary and interviews will also be included.

The softcover book will be available December and will retail for 45 USD. Preorders and more details are available at UDON’s official site.

Considering the unlikely nature of an English language release of Valkyria Chronicles 3 itself, fans have decided to translate the title themselves and are nearly complete. Once finished, the update will act as a patch over a Japanese retail version of the game. The entirety of the project and it’s progress can be found here.

[Sources: UDON Entertainment for the artbook and Valkyria Chronicles 3 Fan Translation Project site.]


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