Zaxxon Escape revealed, already available


SEGA has announced and made available for download the latest release in the Zaxxon series of space shooters. Developed by Free Range Games, Zaxxon Escape is a direct sequel to the classic 1982 arcade game Zaxxon, taking place directly after the conclusion of the original where the ship must escape the exploding space fortress of Zaxxon. Unlike the original, this new game revolves around tilting mechanics to navigate instead of adjusting altitude. Several other new features such as tapping the screen to shoot and sliding a finger across the screen to turn through corridors also appear in the title.

Available for various iOS touch devices and eventually Google Play, Zaxxon Escape can be purchased for 99 cents (US Dollars). The announcement and availability of the game is sudden and unexpected, considering the last major release in the franchise was Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 for the SEGA 32X add-on for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive in 1995. It is also worth mentioning that the franchise is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year.

[Source: Official SEGA Blog]

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