Four Total War: Rome II novels announced


SEGA have announced four upcoming novels based on their popular Total War combat simulation franchise. The first book is set for an October 2013 release, which is supposed to be around the time the game Total War: Rome II is released itself. Interestingly, it was revealed that Pan Macmillian and Thomas Dunne Books teamed up to beat out eight other publishers for the book deal.

The author of the upcoming four titles is novelist David Gibbins, whom is best known for his work on archaeological thrillers based on the life of the fictional character Jack Howard, a series which has sold in the multi-millions. Also an archaeologist in his personal life, he will work closely with SEGA and The Creative Assembly in assuring continuity with Total War: Rome II.

It was also revealed that the game itself will inform players of the release of each novel when they are released.

[Source: The Bookseller]

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