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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II available for download this week

May 15, 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, the latest main-line Sonic the Hedgehog game and direct sequel to 2010’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I will be released today on Steamworks for PC and the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade service will update early tomorrow morning with the game. Mobile versions of the game (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) will be available for purchase on their respective platform’s markets in the upcoming weeks.

The game can be purchased for 15 USD (1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360) and features minor extra content for those who also own the first episode on the same platform. Pricing on the mobile versions has not yet been discussed, but is expected to be cheaper.

We have included the launch trailer for the title after the break.


Personal View: SEGA’s March 2012 layoffs – A nail in the coffin or the makings of a bright future?

April 7, 2012

Last week, news from SEGA of America broke that saw numerous members of staff fired, games canceled and a general downsizing of the entire branch of SEGA of America. Initially, rumors ran rampant and confused a large amount of fans across the globe, the worst of which was that the entire United States branch of SEGA had completely shut down, which of course is not the case.

Immediate reconstruction has taken place going into their new fiscal year. They expect a net loss of Β₯7.1 billion ($86.4 million) as part of the reform and news of this dropped their entire company’s stock 4%. However, the day after their stock rose 5% and is showing signs of continual growth.

After the break I discuss the potential cancellations, their effects, observe the negatives and positives of the change and attempt to discover if SEGA truly is in trouble or if the downsizing is the start of a brilliant strategy. The rest of the post should be taken as speculation from a dedicated fan of the company and game industry as a whole and not as a financial advisor.

Out of respect of those whom lost their jobs, any subjects around them will not be mentioned at all.


Sonic 4 Episode II screenshots leak

February 14, 2012

A member of the Sonic Retro forums found that several Sonic 4 Episode II screenshots leaked on the Xbox Live Marketplace. These screenshots depict what appears to be cooperative gameplay with Sonic and Tails. Two of the zones are reminiscent of Sonic 2’s Aquatic Ruin – along with Sonic 3‘s Marble Garden motives – and Oil Ocean. The other two are a carnival and a ice/water themed level. Sonic 2’s special stage also makes a return. In some of the screenshots what appears to be Little Planet from Sonic CD can also be seen, which confirms that the story of Episode II will be linked to CD’s plot.

Additionally, the Xbox Live Marketplace revealed that the title will support local and online co-operative gameplay, something the franchise has lacked this entire console generation. All of this information has been pulled from the Xbox Live Marketplace since. It was previously confirmed by SEGA PR Ken Balough that Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II will feature a new physics engine.

Click below to check out the screenshots.