Welcome to The SEGA Source!


Not our final logoWelcome to The SEGA Source; a site run and designed by people who are extremely passionate about everything related to SEGA. If you are interested to hear what we are about, what we feel separates us from the rest and what we hope to achieve, then hit the jump!

Why should you visit The SEGA Source?
If you are a big SEGA fan or are interested in becoming one, but do not know where to start, then this is a good place to get to know the company! We focus mainly on articles that can be good for just casual reading as well, so feel free to check out whatever may interest you! We hope the rest of this article will give you more interest in the site as well.

Why make a blog about nothing but SEGA?
The staff here loves all kinds of games and companies, but SEGA is our favorite. Not just their electronic goods, we are huge fans of everything related to their history and their future. We feel the company is sorely under appreciated, and hope to educate anyone willing to hear.

What makes us different from everyone else?
Most fansites will focus on basic news, that is not the case here! While we do occasionally post news on SEGA, we think it is usually fairly easy to find any kind of news you may want to hear about somewhere else, what we hope to achieve is more of an encyclopedia of sorts, we also hope to remain as professional as possible. You will not see jokes in any of our posts. Our main goal, however is to bring you articles that inform on the history of the company that can range from people who have worked there to topics we feel not enough people discuss. We have loads of knowledge we would love to share, and we hope you will all enjoy it.

Why should you trust some ‘fanboys’?
While we do love the company, they have made loads of games and decisions over the years that we absolutely hate. As I said previously, we will always be as professional as possible and make sure our opinions or any jokes will never appear in any news article we post outside of posts that would need it, such as a review.

Why is the blog so cheap looking?
There are no plans to run a major community or anything like that. In this point in time we just plan to bring you any kind of SEGA related news and hopefully along the way bring more people to appreciate the company. With all of this in mind, we see no reason to put hundreds of dollars into this venture, but this can all change in the future.

What if you do not like SEGA?
We only post any news related to the company, but we also feel that anyone who is passionate about any of the industries SEGA has been apart of will find something to like about this blog.

The Future…

While we do not plan to make a full-on Wiki here, we will bring you a collection of great SEGA information that the general public has not heard of or that many have forgotten with time.

That was a bit of a read, but I hope I got the point around! Any issues, questions or opinions you have on the site, please feel free to bring up! We hope the site will evolve with it’s viewers tastes.

Thanks go to ShadiWulf, Kogen, David Hinkle and anyone else that has helped start up the site and get it together.


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