Vanquish demo coming to Japan


Update: Sega announced on its European blog that the demo will be available in North America on August 31st, in Europe on September 1st and in Australia on September 2nd.

In an interview with Gamespot Japan, Atsushi Inaba of Platinum Games announced that Vanquish will have a demo. The demo will be available on September 2nd on the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network.

The demo will feature part of the airport level and a boss fight. It will also feature both “casual” and “normal” difficulty levels. The “casual” difficulty will be similar to Bayonetta’s “easy” and “very easy” settings, where a single button press allowed the most unexperienced player to easily unleash the most difficult combinations.

The interview took part during a nationwide promotional event. The game is set for release in late October.

Source: Gamespot Japan

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