Scent Blaster: Miles High Fresh Air Freshener Review


Epic Scents

Earlier this year Epic Scents, the world’s foremost video game scent creator, announced their plan to produce products based on SEGA’s expansive line-up of characters. So far they have created air fresheners for both Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles ‘Tails’ Prower – SEGA’s two mascot characters from 1992. Under the label Scent Blasters ™, Sonic is available in Sonic Breeze, which smells of Green Hill Zone after Sonic has run through it, and Tails is available in Miles High Fresh, a fragrance that smells of the fresh air and clouds that Tails flies through.

Sonic and Tails
[Sonic and Tails’ bodies are ready.]

So far I have only purchased the Tails air freshener, as the Sonic one had his shoe buckle coloured incorrectly (boo!), plus I have always wanted to sniff Tails. In fact little Miles is probably the one thing I have always wanted to sniff most, so there was no way I could pass up on buying this enticing product. It came at a modest price of 3.99 and is currently available at the website ThinkGeek dot Com, so be sure to check it out there. You can prop it up just about anywhere, so everyone should buy it.

When the package arrived, the air freshener came in a well-designed package featuring art of various characters, and featuring two images of Tails from past Sonic games. The art is overall well-done and is some of the better modern Sonic art that is out there, so for Sonic fans and collectors it is nice to have. I put it up on display with my other video game merchandise. There is art on both the front and the back, with either a group of characters or just Tails on his own.

[Collection set.]

Upon opening the plastic the scent was immediate. It quite literally burst out at me unexpectedly; this thing is potent! After removing the plastic I studied the air freshener’s design, which was unfortunately not too exciting. It is just a sort of oval with Tails flying in the clouds, nothing special. Each side looks the same, although only one side has a SEGA (c) on it. You can choose to have Tails facing either left or right, at least. nongamereviews

Without thinking I shoved Tails up to my nose to give him a good, long sniff. Unfortunately for me it burnt my nostrils and caused me distress. I had underestimated how strong the smell would be and will never make that mistake again. For those of you wanting a close-up sniff of Miles, I suggest letting him fly freely for a few days before attempting it. After being sealed for so long, this fox needs some time to air out. I suspect my nose and hands will be reeking of Tails all day now.

Tails Car
[Tails works great in cars.]

At the moment I simply have the air freshener hanging on my wall above my computer. It smells nice and is quite noticeable, freshening up the room as expected. I am not too sure how long this will last, but for now, things are nice. Even when the scent becomes more mild, I intend to leave it up for wall art. Maybe Epic Scents can make more and I can start a collection. I also might sniff it from time to time since it should be safe for close-face encounters in the future.

So overall I say give this product a buy. Sonic may look ‘off’, but Tails looks fine despite being underwhelming in the visual department. Regardless of that, what truly matters here is how much he smells, and I guarantee you that Tails smells. Impress all your friends and family with the intense odour of Miles, you cannot go wrong.

Front Back
[Front and back of packages.]


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