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Model 2 Digital Collection Review

January 5, 2013

AM2 continues their high quality digital remasters with a set based on SEGA’s revolutionary Model 2 arcade hardware. Yu Suzuki, the head of SEGA’s AM2 studio helped create the platform in the early 1990s using incredibly sophisticated military technology. This allowed for not just higher quality visuals through 3D models and textures, but more effective controls and artificial intelligence to a scale thought completely improbable for the time.

As iconic and important the hardware was to video games, each game released in this digital Model 2 collection has only ever seen improper ports due to the power of home platforms at the time being far below what the games required, such as the SEGA Saturn. This current set of releases features the legendary Virtua Fighter 2, the wacky Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters, one of the most obscure Sonic the Hedgehog games of all time.


Space Harrier to receive 3D update on Nintendo 3DS, Space Harrier Collection out now on Japanese PSN

November 22, 2012

Japanese video game news website Gamer has revealed that the arcade classic third-person action/shooter Space Harrier will be receiving an updated port on Nintendo’s 3DS titled 3D Space Harrier, which will be optimized for the handheld’s dual widescreen displays and will feature newly added stereoscopic 3D graphics. Developed by AM2 under the direction of legendary game designer Yu Suzuki, Space Harrier has long been held as one of the greatest and most recognizable arcade games of all of time, revolutionizing the medium as a both a technical benchmark for games at the time and defined a genre with its fun and riveting gameplay, which still attracts scores of fans to this very day. Reports say that this port is intended to be the definitive version of the game, and whilst no further details have yet been revealed, the title is expected to launch on the Nintendo eShop at some point in the near future.

In other Space Harrier news, Space Harrier II: Space Harrier Complete Collection has been released on PlayStation 3 on the Japanese PlayStation Network. This compilation — which was originally released on the PlayStation 2 as part of the SEGA AGES 2500 series — brings the arcade versions of Space Harrier and Space Harrier 3-D [not to be confused with 3D Space Harrier] (both for the Mark III system) and the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Space Harrier II together, also featuring some bonus content and extras, including official art from all of the games. There’s been no word as of yet whether or not Space Harrier II: Space Harrier Complete Collection will be released outside of Japan, but it is currently available for the price of ¥800 (roughly $10 USD).

[Source: Gamer]

SEGA Tokyo Game Show 2012 Roundup

September 23, 2012

Compared to last year, SEGA’s showing at Tokyo Game Show (TGS for short) was hugely gimped by lack of multiplatform titles, something the publisher is greatly known for. A general shift in focus towards touch-based platforms is apparent with not just SEGA, but the entirety of the event across all publishers.

That said, SEGA has still revealed and demonstrated several titles, although as always it is unclear how many of these will receive English language releases.

After the break we have compiled a list of every title involving SEGA at the event.


Dynamite Deka now available on Japanese PlayStation Network

August 23, 2012

The SEGA AGES 2500 PlayStation 2 release of SEGA’s arcade classic ‘beat em up’ Dynamite Deka is now available on the PlayStation 3 for download on the Japanese PlayStation Store for 800 yen.

Titled Die Hard Arcade (after the popular 20th Century Fox film series) in many regions, this version of the game features updated graphics and various additional features, such as a mode where the characters are replaced by the cast of Golden Axe or Altered Beast and a digital remake of Periscope, one of SEGA’s earliest ever arcade experiences.

Unlikely to be released outside of Asian regions, interested players are able to purchase and play it regardless of their PlayStation 3’s region with a Japanese PlayStation Network account and with yen added to their account through purchasable ‘Point cards’. Several import sites exist that email the point card’s code, meaning those previously unprepared should not have to worry about shipping costs or dates. It is also worth noting that although very little of the English language is used in the game, the menu layouts and designs are simplistic, meaning those who do not read or speak Japanese should have little trouble navigating the game.

[Source: Official Site]

SEGA Vintage Collection Vol. 3 Overview

August 20, 2012

SEGA Vintage Collection has been recently released on both XBLA and PSN – for the XBox 360 and PS3 respectfully. Known as SEGA AGES Online in Japan, it features proper emulations of SEGA classics – both console and arcade – with an abundance of features. It is developed by M2, former SNK employees responsible for SEGA’s Virtual Console offerings on Wii and many previous SEGA AGES games on PS2. Extensive emulation options, high definition artwork wallpapers, leader boards, saving, replays, achievements/trophies, new trial modes, and on-line play are all included, bringing these games back to life in a respectable, professional manner. With it being an on-going series of releases of classic games, it might be helpful to get a basic overview of what is included, how it fairs, and how others view the games released so far. Below is a compilation of this.


Last Survivor now fully playable in MAME

August 5, 2012

Thought to be lost with time, SEGA’s arcade shooter Last Survivor has become fully playable on the MAME emulator 23 years after it was first released. This incredibly obscure title was unpopular and only a small amount of the cabinets had been sold. Becoming more obscure as years went on, the X-Arcade Board hardware (popularized by AfterBurner II) had an uncommon form of encryption that meant if it’s battery died, there would be no way to properly access the game’s data ever again. Fortunately, a working version of the game had appeared on a Japanese auction site recently, where a collector purchased and has created a ROM that will be supported within the next release of the MAME emulator.

Last Survivor is potentially best known from it’s cameo in the arcade ending of Golden Axe and had only received a port on the incredibly obscure FM Towns Marty game platform. Last Survivor should be remembered as the game that created the third person shooter genre of video games, which is now one of the most popular in the entire industry.

Included after the break is a video of the FM Towns version of Last Survivor, which is similar to the original, but features an updated CD soundtrack.


Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Review

July 15, 2012

Date Released: June 6, 2012
Date Reviewed: July 13, 2012
Genre: 3D Fighter
Players: 1-2 Players local and online, lobbies extend this
Length: Singular fights typically a few minutes each, several types of modes alter this
Replayability: Incredible



Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is the 2010 3D fighting game for the arcade RingEdge hardware. Newly developed and ported by the prolific SEGA-AM2 for 2012, the latest release of the game is a downloadable Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game. More than an upgrade to 2007’s retail version of the original Virtua Fighter 5 for the same platforms, Final Showdown is arguably the deepest, most accessible fighting game available in the genre this entire console generation at a cheaper price than all competing products.


Featured Video: Last Bronx Intro

June 20, 2012


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown now available on PSN and XBLA

June 6, 2012

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, the latest and presumably final version of the hit arcade fighting game, is now available for download worldwide on Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade. Final Showdown at long last brings the most advanced and feature packed iteration in the legendary Virtua Fighter series to home consoles, featuring a myriad of game modes both old and new, including arcade and versus modes, score attack, training, and brand new License Challenges, which tests players by having them compete in matches with a variety of interesting objectives and modifiers in each round. Also included are online leaderboards for all game modes and full online versus play.

The game can be purchased for $14.99 USD on PSN and 1200 Microsoft Points on XBLA. Also available at launch is a veritable treasure trove of downloadable content, consisting of nineteen item packs for each individual fighter, which can then be used to completely customize their looks and accessories. These item packs can be purchased individually for $4.99 USD on PSN or 400 Microsoft Points, or they can be purchased in bulk in one of two item collection packs costing $14.99 USD on PSN and for 1200 Microsoft Points. Please note that all of these items are purely cosmetic and in no way affect gameplay. Also, at the time of writing, Sony is running a limited time promotion which offers over a dozen games — including the base game of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown — to all subscribers to their PlayStation Plus online service. This deal extends to both PAL and NTSC regions and is one that certainly should not be passed up.

After the break, we’ve included the E3 2012 launch trailer for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.


The House of the Dead 4 (PlayStation 3) Review

May 19, 2012

Date Released: April 18, 2012
Date Reviewed: May 19, 2012
Genre: Lightgun Shooter
Players: 1-2 Local Players
Length: 40+ Minutes
Replayability: Good



The House of the Dead 4 is the 2005 lightgun arcade shooter developed by SEGA-AM1. The title has become available to home consoles for the first time in 2012 as a download on the PlayStation 3’s Sony Entertainment Network. This newly released version includes both the original arcade game and it’s direct sequel The House of the Dead 4: Special for a budget price point. Functionality for PlayStation Move and the standard PlayStation 3 controller is also included.