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SEGA Vintage Collection Vol. 4: ToeJam & Earl Review

December 13, 2012

With the release the fourth volume of SEGA’s new series of game compilations, appropriately titled the SEGA Vintage Collection, two more classic titles for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive are now available — the funktastic co-operative games ToeJam and Earl and its sequel, ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron. After the break, we’ve included a basic overview of these titles and our general thoughts on them.


Space Harrier to receive 3D update on Nintendo 3DS, Space Harrier Collection out now on Japanese PSN

November 22, 2012

Japanese video game news website Gamer has revealed that the arcade classic third-person action/shooter Space Harrier will be receiving an updated port on Nintendo’s 3DS titled 3D Space Harrier, which will be optimized for the handheld’s dual widescreen displays and will feature newly added stereoscopic 3D graphics. Developed by AM2 under the direction of legendary game designer Yu Suzuki, Space Harrier has long been held as one of the greatest and most recognizable arcade games of all of time, revolutionizing the medium as a both a technical benchmark for games at the time and defined a genre with its fun and riveting gameplay, which still attracts scores of fans to this very day. Reports say that this port is intended to be the definitive version of the game, and whilst no further details have yet been revealed, the title is expected to launch on the Nintendo eShop at some point in the near future.

In other Space Harrier news, Space Harrier II: Space Harrier Complete Collection has been released on PlayStation 3 on the Japanese PlayStation Network. This compilation — which was originally released on the PlayStation 2 as part of the SEGA AGES 2500 series — brings the arcade versions of Space Harrier and Space Harrier 3-D [not to be confused with 3D Space Harrier] (both for the Mark III system) and the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Space Harrier II together, also featuring some bonus content and extras, including official art from all of the games. There’s been no word as of yet whether or not Space Harrier II: Space Harrier Complete Collection will be released outside of Japan, but it is currently available for the price of ¥800 (roughly $10 USD).

[Source: Gamer]

ToeJam & Earl 1 and 2 available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network

November 7, 2012

ToeJam & Earl and ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron have both been released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 online stores. Both games, originally available on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive in the early 1990s now have new content and features such as online co-op added by M2, who created the high quality ports of titles like Monster World IV and The Revenge of Shinobi earlier this year.

The first in the series is especially unique as a top down rougue-like where players can split up to explore pre-made or randomized environments either by oneself or co-operatively with a friend. The sequel is a side-scrolling platformer that focuses more on character interactions, but is still based around collecting and optional, but recommended two player gameplay.

On PlayStation Network each title is sold individually for 5 USD. On Xbox Live Arcade both games are sold together in a bundle with the name SEGA Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl and costs 800 Microsoft Points, or rather 10 USD.

Dynamite Deka now available on Japanese PlayStation Network

August 23, 2012

The SEGA AGES 2500 PlayStation 2 release of SEGA’s arcade classic ‘beat em up’ Dynamite Deka is now available on the PlayStation 3 for download on the Japanese PlayStation Store for 800 yen.

Titled Die Hard Arcade (after the popular 20th Century Fox film series) in many regions, this version of the game features updated graphics and various additional features, such as a mode where the characters are replaced by the cast of Golden Axe or Altered Beast and a digital remake of Periscope, one of SEGA’s earliest ever arcade experiences.

Unlikely to be released outside of Asian regions, interested players are able to purchase and play it regardless of their PlayStation 3’s region with a Japanese PlayStation Network account and with yen added to their account through purchasable ‘Point cards’. Several import sites exist that email the point card’s code, meaning those previously unprepared should not have to worry about shipping costs or dates. It is also worth noting that although very little of the English language is used in the game, the menu layouts and designs are simplistic, meaning those who do not read or speak Japanese should have little trouble navigating the game.

[Source: Official Site]

SEGA Vintage Collection Vol. 3 Overview

August 20, 2012

SEGA Vintage Collection has been recently released on both XBLA and PSN – for the XBox 360 and PS3 respectfully. Known as SEGA AGES Online in Japan, it features proper emulations of SEGA classics – both console and arcade – with an abundance of features. It is developed by M2, former SNK employees responsible for SEGA’s Virtual Console offerings on Wii and many previous SEGA AGES games on PS2. Extensive emulation options, high definition artwork wallpapers, leader boards, saving, replays, achievements/trophies, new trial modes, and on-line play are all included, bringing these games back to life in a respectable, professional manner. With it being an on-going series of releases of classic games, it might be helpful to get a basic overview of what is included, how it fairs, and how others view the games released so far. Below is a compilation of this.


Monster World IV Review

August 19, 2012

Date Released: April 1, 1994
Date Reviewed: August 19th, 2012
Genre: 2D Platformer/role-playing game
Players: 1 Player
Length: 5-8 hours
Replayability: Low



Monster World IV is the 1994 platformer/role-playing game developed by Westone and released exclusively for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. Canonically, it is the sixth and final game in the Wonder Boy series, also being the fourth overall game in the related Monster World sub-series, which grew out of the former with the release of the Wonder Boy in Monster Land for the arcade and SEGA Master System in 1987 and 1988, respectively. Monster World IV had never seen an international release, being exclusive to Japan until very recently, when it was released on the Virtual Console for Nintendo’s Wii, as well as part of SEGA’s new Vintage Collection series, which brought it and Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Wonder Boy in Monster World to the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360. The wait, however, was well worth it, as Monster World IV is easily one of the finest games for the Genesis/Mega Drive, and it is sure to become an instant classic for many who haven’t yet experienced this wonderful gem of a game.


SEGA Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl coming to XBLA and PSN

July 24, 2012

Release information for the next entry in SEGA’s ongoing Vintage Collection series was revealed today, this time featuring the funktastic duo of ToeJam & Earl. It has so far been confirmed that the collection will be released for Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade on Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3, with a possible Steam release hinted at by series co-creator Greg Johnson. The collection will feature the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive classic, ToeJam & and Earl, as well as its sequel, ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron. Though all current Vintage Collection releases have thus far have included three games, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not a third title will be included in latest collection, though it remains likely. Much like the other releases, SEGA Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl will be developed and altered by M2, and will feature online co-operative play, leaderboards, unique trials and challenges for each game, among other extras.

In addition, the Genesis/Mega Drive version of ToeJam & Earl is available on Steam for Windows PC, while its sequel was recently made available on the service as well.

ToeJam & Earl have long been among the most popular and beloved characters in SEGA’s enormous catalog of classic games. They were so popular, in fact, that at one time they were heavily considered to become SEGA’s official mascots, but ended up narrowly losing to SEGA’s current and longest standing mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. The duo were also considered to be included in Sumo Digital’s 2010 racing game Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing after a number of suggestions from the staff, but were ultimately left out due to licensing disputes with series co-creator Greg Johnson. These disputes also led to the cancellation of a planned release of the original game to Xbox Live Arcade after winning a poll arranged by SEGA in 2009. Given its recent revitalization and SEGA’s continued interest in the series, one must wonder if this announcement hints at the possible inclusion of ToeJam and Earl in the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Update: Greg Johnson has confirmed the re-release of both ToeJam & Earl and Panic on Funkotron with GameTrailers and Silicon Era. No release date has yet been announced, while more details on the release are sure to follow in the coming days.

SEGA Vintage Collections: Golden Axe and Streets of Rage now available on XBLA

May 30, 2012

Continuing on with their wave of newly ported classic games, six more classic SEGA titles are now available worldwide in two brand new SEGA Vintage Collections on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade

Developed and altered by M2, these HD ports feature a variety of new changes and enhancements both inside the games and out, including slick, interactive menus, the addition of save states and replays, online leaderboards, fully customizable controls, and online co-operative play for both the main game and duel modes. Several new features have also been added, such as unique trials and challenges for each game, as well as a jukebox mode where one can listen to every music track in the collection. The trials are separate and distinct from the main game in that they require the player to play through a specific section of the game under certain conditions in the fastest possible time, with the best overall times and percentages being added to the online leaderboards.

SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden Axe:

Golden Axe (arcade)
Golden Axe II (Genesis/Mega Drive)
Golden Axe III (Genesis/Mega Drive)

SEGA Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage:

Streets of Rage (Genesis/Mega Drive)
Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis/Mega Drive)
Streets of Rage 3 (Genesis/Mega Drive)

These games can only be bought as part of their respective bundles and cannot be purchased individually. Each bundles sells for 800 Microsoft Points, or roughly $10 USD. It’s also worth noting that the original releases of Golden Axe (arcade) and Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis/Mega Drive) have been delisted from Xbox Live Arcade service, as those versions — developed by Backbone Entertainment — were deemed inferior and poorly constructed, making these new releases the definitive versions of these two games. All games included also have each regional release selectable, a feature which allows players to access a variety of region-specific content that would otherwise not be available in all versions of these games.

Six classic SEGA games from the 80s and 90s available for download on PSN and XBLA

May 23, 2012

Christmas officially comes early for SEGA fans, as six classic games across four separate franchises are now available worldwide on Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade. The first entries in what is to become a brand new wave of releases, these collections bring several games onto HD platforms for the first time. All of the games have been newly ported and altered by M2, who have added several features and effects, such as a jukebox mode where one can listen to every song from each game and a trial mode that offers players to play through specific sections of each game with altered game rules and newly added online leaderboards.

Revenge of Shinobi (Genesis/Mega Drive)
Super Hang-On (arcade)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System)

Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis/Mega Drive)
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (arcade)
Monster World IV (Genesis/Mega Drive)

On the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade service, the first set of three are available in SEGA Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co, whereas the second set are available in SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World. Both bundles are sold for 800 Microsoft Points (roughly 10 USD).

On PlayStation 3, all games have been released separately for 5 USD each. They have different menus in comparison to the Xbox Live Arcade variations, but each offer much more trophies/achievements for players to unlock.

Super Hang-On also features newly added, but optional anaglyphic and stereoscopic graphical options. Although Wonder Boy in Monster Land was released on the Master System in English, this arcade version of the game is the first to ever have the language as an option. Monster World IV also features newly added English text, marking the first official translation for the 18 year old game.