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Total War: ROME II Review (Digital Steam version)

October 21, 2013

Total War: ROME 2 Box Art

Date Released: 3 September, 2013
Date Reviewed: 1 October, 2013
Players: 2-8
Length: 20 minutes
Replayability: None



SEGA’s Total War: ROME II has recently released for the Personal Computer (PC). Developed by The Creative Assembly (CA) in the UK, the game is set to be one of the biggest PC game releases from SEGA. Combing both real-time battles and sieges – both on land and on sea – and turned-based campaign strategy, the game offers the most grand and expansive Total War experience to date. Continue below to see how the game fared.



SEGA and The Creative Assembly Partner with Games Workshop to Create Warhammer Games

December 8, 2012

SEGA’s developer The Creative Assembly has teamed up with Games Workshop to develop video games based on the popular series Warhammer. The Warhammer series features fantasy settings and themes such as orcs, elves, goblins, and so on in a dark and gritty manner, noted as being similar to The Lord of the Rings mixed with Early Modern Germany. The Creative Assembly is mostly known for its tactical and strategy series Total War, in addition to action games featuring large-scale battles, such as in 2008’s Viking: Battle for Asgard.

An entirely new team within The Creative Assembly has been tasked to create multiple games based on Warhammer, which will not delay the progress of Total War, mobile, or action-console games currently being developed by The Creative Assembly.

For a press release, click here.

Viking: Battle for Asgard available on PC

October 17, 2012

The Creative Assembly’s Viking: Battle for Asgard has been made available on PC for the first time through SEGA’s fairly recently formed Hardlight development studio. Based on Norse mythology, Viking is a action-adventure with light open-world, stealth and real-time strategy elements. Players take control of the viking Skarin as he forms alliances across several islands of Midgard in a battle against the evil Goddess Hel.

Viking: Battle for Asgard was originally released in March 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is considered a spiritual sequel to The Creative Assembly’s first console release Spartan: Total Warrior for the Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 2.

Viking can be purchased through Valve’s Steam service for 15 USD. The launch trailer is included after the break.


Four Total War: Rome II novels announced

October 11, 2012

SEGA have announced four upcoming novels based on their popular Total War combat simulation franchise. The first book is set for an October 2013 release, which is supposed to be around the time the game Total War: Rome II is released itself. Interestingly, it was revealed that Pan Macmillian and Thomas Dunne Books teamed up to beat out eight other publishers for the book deal.

The author of the upcoming four titles is novelist David Gibbins, whom is best known for his work on archaeological thrillers based on the life of the fictional character Jack Howard, a series which has sold in the multi-millions. Also an archaeologist in his personal life, he will work closely with SEGA and The Creative Assembly in assuring continuity with Total War: Rome II.

It was also revealed that the game itself will inform players of the release of each novel when they are released.

[Source: The Bookseller]

Total War Battles: SHOGUN now available on Steam

August 29, 2012

Total War Battles: SHOGUN, Creative Assembly’s real-time strategy that was released for mobile earlier this year, is now available on Steam for PC and Mac. This new release retains the deep and intricate strategy the series is known for while also bringing all of the mechanics and features unique to the mobile version to the PC for the very first time, including the game’s new grid-based control method, skirmish mode, scalable difficulty setting, and its extensive learning tools and tutorial to assist players new to the series or to the world of real-time strategy. This new version boasts improved visuals and performance and also includes additional graphical options including anti-aliasing and increased resolution size. Several exclusive features are also included, such as achievements and an online leaderboard.

It’s worth noting, however, that there is a light difference in price, with this version costing $7.99 compared to the $4.99 price of the iOS and Android versions. Also, purchasing the game on Steam will unlock the Sendai Faction Pack for owners of Total War: Shogun 2 — Fall of the Samurai.

Source: Steam

Total War: Rome II announced

July 2, 2012

SEGA have announced Total War: Rome II, their next title in the incredibly popular Total War franchise by The Creative Assembly. Taking place during the Third Punic War (149 BC – 146 BC), players take control of humanity’s first superpower and create a strong republic or become Rome’s sole dictator, all whilst the possibility of greed and corruption can skew what occurs in the war. Several new features include the ability to combine land and naval battles into one and also an option to view individual warrior perspectives.

The game will not be the largest scale game in the series, but it will be using the biggest budget that the franchise has ever seen in a singular title. Although it will be the best game in the series graphically, scaling options will be more detailed than ever before, so that even laptops will be able to handle the title. Total War: Rome II will be available at retail and digital download exclusively to PC sometime in 2013.

[Source: Official Total War Site]

Viking: Battle for Asgard revealed for Steam

June 25, 2012

The Creative Assembly’s Viking: Battle for Asgard has been discovered on Valve Corporation’s Steam registry, meaning it will be soon added to the digital distribution platform. Based on Norse mythology, Viking is a action-adventure with light open-world, stealth and real-time strategy elements. Players take control of the viking Skarin as he forms alliances across several islands of Midgard in a battle against the evil Goddess Hel. This is the first time the game will be available on the PC format.

Viking: Battle for Asgard was released in March 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is considered a spiritual sequel to Spartan: Total Warrior for the Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 2.

[Thanks: ezodagrom]

Total War Battles: SHOGUN now available on iOS

April 20, 2012

The latest entry in SEGA’s highly touted real-time strategy series, Total War Battles: SHOGUN, is now available on the Apple Store for all touch-compatible iOS devices.

Developed by the Creative Assembly, well known for their work on the award-winning Total War series, Total War Battles: SHOGUN brings several new and interesting features to the series’ first portable outing, with a new control scheme specifically designed for touchscreen devices, a brand new campaign, and local multiplayer with up to two players. Gameplay in Total War Battles: SHOGUN should be familiar to series veterans, with much of the deep and intricate strategy of its predecessors remaining intact, though special attention has been made to make the game more accessible to newcomers, with a comprehensive tutorial, scalable difficulty setting, and a hint system to help new players along. The Creative Assembly has said that development of the title is ongoing, and players should expect new content and features for the game in the near future. An Android version is also in development and should be expected soon, according to the game’s official website.

You can watch the game’s launch trailer right after the break.

Source: Apple Store


Personal View: SEGA’s March 2012 layoffs – A nail in the coffin or the makings of a bright future?

April 7, 2012

Last week, news from SEGA of America broke that saw numerous members of staff fired, games canceled and a general downsizing of the entire branch of SEGA of America. Initially, rumors ran rampant and confused a large amount of fans across the globe, the worst of which was that the entire United States branch of SEGA had completely shut down, which of course is not the case.

Immediate reconstruction has taken place going into their new fiscal year. They expect a net loss of ¥7.1 billion ($86.4 million) as part of the reform and news of this dropped their entire company’s stock 4%. However, the day after their stock rose 5% and is showing signs of continual growth.

After the break I discuss the potential cancellations, their effects, observe the negatives and positives of the change and attempt to discover if SEGA truly is in trouble or if the downsizing is the start of a brilliant strategy. The rest of the post should be taken as speculation from a dedicated fan of the company and game industry as a whole and not as a financial advisor.

Out of respect of those whom lost their jobs, any subjects around them will not be mentioned at all.


Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai available now

March 23, 2012

Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai is now available in North American, European and Australian markets on PC for both digital and retail platforms at MSRP 29.99 USD. Digitally it is available on Steam and SEGA’s online store, with the SEGA online version featuring its own unique clan. The Steam version will also being available in a special edition for 34.99 USD, which features a digital sound track and another unique clan. A retail version is available as well, which features yet another unique clan (for a total of three) as well as a two-sided poster.

As SEGA’s latest entry in the Total War series, the game directly proceeds Total War: Shogun 2. It’s theme covers Japan’s violent transition from feudalism to modernity, focusing heavily on interactions between Japan and foreign nations – most notably the military technology they offer. Many new elements are brought to the series, such as harbour sieges.

Although typically labeled as an expansion pack on most websites, the game is considered it’s own unique release that does require the base game of Total War: Shogun 2, similarly to the 2010 release of Napoleon: Total War.